Web Development and SEO

Businesses can develop websites that convert visitors to customers and that convey their unique brand message and selling points. Businesses will also learn how to better understand the search behaviour of their customers and how to develop and apply a strategy and support actions to increase their visibility for relevant keywords and phrases.

Social Media and Email Marketing

Businesses will learn how to develop meaningful and profitable relationships with their customers using social media and email marketing. Participants will develop content driven social media strategies backed up with social advertising tactics along with developing databases and email campaigns designed to increase long term profitability.

Online Advertising

Businesses will learn how to create, monitor and optimise paid search campaigns across Google and Bing’s Search and Display Network’s. Businesses will conduct keyword research to identify intent driven phrases and develop supporting campaigns, landing pages and online experiences designed to capture and convert the users search intent.

Strategy Development

Businesses will identify key market opportunities using a range data driven market research techniques and put in place a digital marketing strategy to realise the potential of the identified market opportunities.